A Geek Chic Outfit Story

The weekend’s flew by in a whirlwind of pre Christmas madness including shopping and 2 late nights out, which requires an add on weekend just to recover from. Those days of youth when it seemed I had endless energy like a Duracell bunny, clearly determined my Monday outfit. Over the weekend I was drawn to a sweater marked 1988 and boy was I in flashback mode. So I styled it the best way I knew how and that was nerdy, since that’s exactly who I was in high school. Who knew I’d chic up the look for years to come.

We were meeting a friend for appy’s and talks at our local casual dining Cactus Club. It just so happened that the red leather booths and black tiled walls reminded me of my school library and so I was in the exact context as a match for my outfit. Glen plaid shorts in charcoal grey, khaki boots, baggy 80’s silhouette sweater layered over a white shirt with studded collar detail. Simple as that. Not forgetting the burgundy tights with tiny dots for that bit of chic.

The festive cheer was in all the details, even little things like a mini Christmas tree and festive coasters that stirred up merriness. Art in spaces, casual or luxe attracts my senses and the lunar print and colourful graphic art fed two of my favourite themes, black and white and multicolored geometry. Love dark walls too, they can make an excellent canvas for pops of colour and metallic accents.

After lunch we walked into a store which I’d walked past many a times. Drawn in by the snow frosted and fairy lights Christmas window, it smelt of pine cones and peppermint. The Cross is a design and decor boutique in my neighborhood of Yaletown filled with dreamy Knick knack for your home. From divine home fragrances to unique hand made ornaments, statement furniture to elegant vases, it’s one of those spaces where the languid ambience takes over your senses and before you know it the afternoon has passed by. I picked up a couple of things, like the heavenly scented candle by Astier De Villatte and a new Xmas ornament.

When I got home, I promptly paired a combo of red oxfords with the burgundy tights for future wear, inspired by the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake I’d had earlier. That was as sweet as an ending can get.

That’s all folks. I’m thinking I might put together my top nerd looks in memory of school days.

Here’s to the good old days.

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