An Outfit Story 2 – Romantic With Quirk

You know, I think everyone is sick of the rain. I’m waiting for a turn of events weather wise so I don’t have to begin every blogpost sentence with the words rain, overcast or grey in it. Enough! We say, enough!!


On the up side, life goes on. My appetite for dressing up, unlike the weather remains consistent, so, as we rolled round to the end of the week, it was time to step out and enjoy that Friday Feeling. For us in Vancouver, there is never a shortage of places to eat, yet this evening we were  headed to the trendy Gastown for a boxing match and a very important UFC, mixed martial arts fight, or so my husband emphasized. And so, even though it’s not my favorite thing to do, as a woman, very good at adaptation, I enthused along with the plan. After all, it would be followed by good dinning and the ever awaited dessert.

Dressing up is always mood related for me and I just wanted to wear the latest purchase of a dense to sparse, sacattered polka dot shirt. I had to wear this sweet ivory garment some way or the other. So I threw it together with this A line pinafore  (which I would totally wear as a summer shift dress on its own) The embroidered details on the grid mesh fabric offset the dotted shirt creating some pattern play with lots of black and ivory background.

One the way to the pub, sights of a trendy boutique Oak + Fort, a chic furniture store and the rainy view of Water Street characteristized by its charming lamps and cobbled lanes. Of course before I got there, I changed my shoes three times. The outfit comes together super quick, but much deliberation on the choice of footwear. Always! To me, they make the outfit many a times.

Went with the boots, as it still feels like winter out there. A cracked perplex bag that I repaired with some fancy zebra pattern duck tape, tweed coat and yellow tights to add more quirk. I certainly wasn’t dressed for the ‘boys night’ kinda occasion, rooting for the fighters in a rowdy tavern with the animated men getting louder by the second. Thumping, clapping and cussing as the night progressed. Thankfully we were out sooner as we dashed from Gastown to Yaletown for dinner at our favorite restaurant Homer St Cafe

Image: Yelp The Cockpit

I’m waiting to gather up enough friends to dine in their private space called ‘The Cockpit’. The delish decor of Wainscotting in my most loved black and gold theme, is too enticing. The paintings of roosters and Winston Churchill’s portrait originally hanging at The Ritz Montreal, are subjects I’d like to get, up close and personal with someday. If you think this Halibut dish looks scrumptious, you better save room for their chewy peanut butter cookie with Nutella dip. I did, and was gastronomically enlightened.

A night of wresting, dinning and dressing concluded on a full tummy and sweet dreams. Try the pinafore or a sleeveless shift dress with layers and have a go with dots if this takes your fancy. If not,  how about a trial of yellow tights?

Till the next time. Cheerio!


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