An Outfit Story 3 – Rodeo With A Touch Of 50’s

I was out o the other day for a spot of the usual grocery shopping. Unlike the comfort of pj’s and yoga pants, that is the ‘go to ‘ for many of us, I’m the gal that never passes up the opportunity to wear colour and style for, even the most mundane of errands. Each time, going out is always ‘play dress up’ including the ‘just thrown together in seconds outfit’. Call it “Fefe said, never lose your childish enthusiasm ” phenomenon as the whimsical Katherine says in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun, clothes, just make me happy. Turns out, it’s the weekend before Easter,  the candy isles were stocked up, and so the irresistible chocolate had me going. Tried extra hard to curb my temptation, or so I thought. Ended up getting the Cadbury’s cream eggs. I use to love their TV commercial while I lived in the U.K, especially the fun zodiac one. How do youuuuu eat yours?

I threw together a denim on denim duo, my red houndstooth coat and a recent find from my favorite retro store Turnabout

To be fair, it caught my husband’s eye. He was drawn to the quality construction of this 50’s style, not so shy of character, satchel. I love the pin up girl graphics with beaded detail. It reminds me of the flirty Hollywood girls like Jayne Mansfield and Marilyn Monroe who epitomized the sensuality of those glamorous times.

Completed the look with an old rodeo belt and oxfords that have served me well two winters and many a walking days. The colours in bag and belt gel and it was a case of wear and go. A fun coat and some quirky accessories can dress up plain jane jeans and in case, shopping took longer and dinning out became inevitable, you’d already have been in the casual smart code.

While in the baking goods lane, this box of giant Easter cuddly chicks and bunnies sprung up, and I seriously wanted to dive into the furry softness. Okay, maybe not. But the thought crossed my mind. Frivolous and fun stuff.

These chicks remind me of an ink printing project at Art school from eons ago. I made a shellacked relief work board of a Faberge egg design. Hmmm where are they? Some digging later, I found them in one of my old sketchbooks. Alas, couldn’t find the prints.

Finally, what a joy t was to see spring blooms and planters for the garden outside the supermarket. A breath of relief after all that grey weather. At last, flowers and leaves arrive, it seems like this was the longest winter ever.

If you have one of those patterned coats that doesn’t go with everything , or a fun bag you’re always wondering what to pair it with, just add them to your denims for an effortlessly cool look.  My groceries are all organized and I’m going to tune into Netflix, unwrap that delicious chocolate cream egg and eat it the Gemini way! Slurp!

Until the next time, have a Happy Easter Weekend. 🐰

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