An Outfit Story 5 – Preppy Vibes

The most exciting part about winter receding, is the longer dayslight hours. Dusk looks even prettier post equinox and even if the trees are still skeletal, their silhouettes against a peachy pink sky, is a romantic sight to take in.. This was one such weekend. We were off to see our friends for dinner and it was that Saturday evening chill before the rush. Sipping on a glass of Melini Chianti as the new angle of sunlight flooded our south west facing window wall, while  semi watching The Food Network in the background. On the kitchen island, some fresh Terra Breads herby and cheesy Stecca Sticks and mix of organic Mediterranean olives were the perfect accompaniment with the glass of red.

When it’s just casual dinning with familiar friends, you can go dressed up or dressed down. I go with what takes my fancy. I’d been meaning to wear a pair of  terracotta colour pants that I picked up from Zara sale rack in January. Pantone renamed this brick red hue Potter’s Clay and it was a rave again. I love earthy tones just as much as bright ones, but to wear them in a contemporary palette without looking too bohemian, is always my dare.

Like most Zara pants they were super long and I’d spend the late afternoon hemming them to a length that would crease at a 3 inch heel. The slim fit trouser with a slight flare is a versatile enough to wear with platforms as well as pointed toe pumps.

I paired them with a basic blue, pencil stripe shirt intermittent with mini paisely motifs. A faux snake skin belt in olive, orange tan shoes and a plaid blazer. At the end, it struck me that I had to transform my personality to flamboyance to offset the scholarly look.

I did add peach jersey socks to my ‘goes with everything ‘ tangerine pumps that were recently reheeled. When the waist of the trouser is high and it makes your torso look longer, add a skinny belt couple inches lower than the waist to balance it out. All set and ready to step out. On the way to Port Coquitlam, the sky was a riot of pastel colours and the buildings in the distance gleamed like gold in the setting sunglight.

I think I could say that the colour palette synchronized with my outfit. What a gorgeous March Sky! I could design a piece just on the natural gemstones that exude this colour scheme. Blue chalcedony, moonstones of grey, peach and lilac, pink opal, labradorite, pale coral and obsidian. Scrumptious! In fact I used Indian moonstones of these hues in one of my designs ‘Ballerina’ (details below) including ‘rainbow’ moonstones of irridescent blues.

Details of my wrinkled flat lay. A little patternplay flanked by earthy tones. When we got there, we had a a spread of Indian appies and hors dourves I thoroughly enjoyed the vegetable samosas, nachos and salsa, Indian Allahbadi sweets and good wine. Laughter and cheer concluded the evening with the odd ball debate that is inevitable between friends on a random, currently viral thingy, scandal or trending news. Here are some other ways I’ve worn the same blazer from last winter to this spring.

Most recently, the elegant way for a friend’s birthday celebration with a pleated skirt and sheer top. Quirky, with a V necked jersey top and a fruity brooch. Festive, with a bottle green shift dress and glitter booties for Xmas and humour contrast of fun and serious, paired with a comic strip trend Tee.

There you have it guys. This is probably the last month you can rock a plaid blazer, this side on the Wesr Coast at least. Potters clay is still a fabulous colour to wear during the summer  perhaps with natural look accessories like espadrilles or beach hat. It would also pair well with striped Bardot tops that are still the craze in all manner blues and denim. Till the next time then, ciao!


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