Black & White Fashion – Outfit Ideas For Any Day

There seems to always be a monochrome addition that makes its way into my closet every now and then. And why not? For decades black and white fashion has decked us women in bold style. Whether in print or pattern it makes a stark impact and can always be the style that gives you that bit of edge.
I’m pretty obsessed with colour as well as monochrome. I don’t do just black and white separates, nor do I wear any style the usual way. Pattern, colour and the mix of two are what make me happy. So here goes, some black and white from my wardrobe in four fun looks!

1 Retro Houndstooth

  • Pattern play – with tights, culottes and beret : houndstooth + crochet + woven dots.
  • Colour – with shirt, shoes and belt. Muted tones of ochre yellow lavender and olive green.
  • Outfit details– ruffled collar and wide leg culottes.
  • Style – A touch of retro with the technicolour palette, vintage belt and Mary Jane shoes.

2 Modern Pattern Play

  • Print mix– Mini polka dots, dalmatian and checker board black and white.
  • Pops of colour – with sling bag, shoes and cuff.
  • Outfit details – denim and asymmetric ruffles.
  • Style – clean modern with fun bits.

3 Contemporary Gingham

  • Size play – giant geometric gingham mixed with smaller cheetah spots.
  • Colour – offsetting, dark purple pumps with gold heel and yellow belt.
  • Outfit details – neat, collared shirt and cropped pant combo. No fussy details.
  • Style – contemporary casual smart.

4 Emoji Trend

  • Humour – fun bits added to an A line dress with abstract linear designs
  • Colour – primary colours to play off the mostly white dress.
  • Outfit details – Accessorized with ankle socks, emoji bag,  kiss print pumps and beret
  • Style – Quirky, trend with pearl elegance.

There you have it. The idea is to take something usual and make it your own. I’ve taken, polka dots, gingham, lines, and houndstooth and added bits of colour and oodles of character. It really isn’t that hard to figure a style that’ll feel and look like you. Go pick out something black and white from your wardrobe, build it with any one of the above colour palettes as a practice run and you’ll see,  it’s really easy and fun. Try it now!

Brilliant Fashion Photos by the talented  Paul Behm

Stay fabulous ladies


4 thoughts on “Black & White Fashion – Outfit Ideas For Any Day

  1. anupreeta says:

    wow! Nice to see you back Swarnima with your new ideas and the uniue combinations of colours with black and white. It’s always very inspiring when you bring these fun ideas as that gives me to experiment with the outfits that have been lying in the wardrobe for years which I feel my age doesn’t make it comfortable to wear. But I can now see with your ideas all can find it’s way. A big thank. Bring on more.

    • Swarnima Nath says:

      Thank you so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed the read and more importantly found it useful! Stay tuned there so much more yet to come. Style is ageless and I’m sure you’ll look fabulous no matter what age! Your are so welcome!

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