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An Outfit Story 1 – Sporty With Classic

It’s been 3 straight weeks of rain in the city. However, Monday was a glorious spring day.  A cloudless expanse of a perfectly blue sky watching over some blossoming trees. We were headed to the Audi gala, unveiling its SQ5 for a soirée of wine and horderves. My interest in cars is limited to design […]

The Inspirational Beauty Of Vintage Sterling Silver

Have you ever had that deja vous feeling, where you enter a place and you feel like you’ve been there before and can recollect every moment of an existence that you cannot prove? It’s bizarre but true that each one of us has experienced this inexplicable phenomenon. I think it really comes down to the […]

The Oriental Allure Of Jade

Doesn’t the colour of mint or pistachio sooth you? It’s cool to look at and a sense of serenity begins to seep into your being. Jade, a ’50 shades of green’ gemstone is certainly one that evokes that kind of calm. As a designer I craft jewellery that isn’t just stunning to look at, but […]

The Sublime Beauty Of Boulder Opals

Classic Coin ‘Let the Universe unfold itself to You’ – this line never made more sense to me till I made Classic Coin. While at IGI Jewellery school 4 years ago, this design was part of my final portfolio. At the time, I imagined using a Moss or Tree Agate that emulates a forest like […]