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An Outfit Story 1 – Sporty With Classic

It’s been 3 straight weeks of rain in the city. However, Monday was a glorious spring day.  A cloudless expanse of a perfectly blue sky watching over some blossoming trees. We were headed to the Audi gala, unveiling its SQ5 for a soirée of wine and horderves. My interest in cars is limited to design […]

Black & White Fashion – Outfit Ideas For Any Day

There seems to always be a monochrome addition that makes its way into my closet every now and then. And why not? For decades black and white fashion has decked us women in bold style. Whether in print or pattern it makes a stark impact and can always be the style that gives you that […]

A Style File Of Fun Shoe & Sock Pairings

Just as I began to entertain the idea of balmy temps and excitedly compile springish outfits, the skies send down chilly snow flurries. We’re in March, and for heaven sake, it should not feel like Christmas…this is the only one thing I dislike about living in the Western Hemisphere. Maybe my tropical roots are so […]

What To Wear With Coloured Jewellery

“I need a new look” staring at my brunette mane in the mirror one morning, I said it out loud to myself. So a few days ago I booked a haircut. “Short & blonde” I decided. Doesn’t the thought of change instantly spruce you up? Does for me. Excitedly I check in to the salon […]