The Colouring Swan

A Geek Chic Outfit Story

The weekend’s flew by in a whirlwind of pre Christmas madness including shopping and 2 late nights out, which requires an add on weekend just to recover from. Those days of youth when it seemed I had endless energy like a Duracell bunny, clearly determined my Monday outfit. Over the weekend I was drawn to […]

Sunshine On A Rainy Day – All Yellow Outfit

Wednesday was a grey and damp day. In my head though, it was blazing sunshine and clearly this state of mind spawned an outfit. We were running errands and decided to have lunch out too. Just then, the smell of food charring on a smoking hot grill, literally drew us in. The Greek by Anotoli […]

An Outfit Story 5 – Preppy Vibes

The most exciting part about winter receding, is the longer dayslight hours. Dusk looks even prettier post equinox and even if the trees are still skeletal, their silhouettes against a peachy pink sky, is a romantic sight to take in.. This was one such weekend. We were off to see our friends for dinner and […]

An Outfit Story 4 – Stars & Flowers

There is that one day after winter, that suddenly announces the eminent arrival of spring. This was one such Saturday. A crisp coolness in the air, but bright skies, with the sun rays piercing warmth on us all. We were out and about, enjoying the newness of spring, cherry blossom loaded trees on the sidewalk, […]