Sunshine On A Rainy Day – All Yellow Outfit

Wednesday was a grey and damp day. In my head though, it was blazing sunshine and clearly this state of mind spawned an outfit. We were running errands and decided to have lunch out too. Just then, the smell of food charring on a smoking hot grill, literally drew us in. The Greek by Anotoli in Yaletown, has a warm woody ambience, folksy upholstery, accents, and a wall of the Ancient Greek ruins. The heavenly aroma of freshly cooked Mediterranean food, wafting from the kitchen only added anticipation to my already hungry tummy and salivating tongue. I opted for the Seafood Orzo and it was well worth the twenty five minute wait.

A pair of mango yellow tapered pants with a chrome yellow top, layered with a sorbet yellow knit sweater. Copper tasseled loafers, tweed coat and a tan sling for accessories.

When I got home on a full belly of mussels and prawns sautéed in spicy tomato sauce, I began to spot all things yellow around my apartment. It’s weird but I was in a totally yellow zone, while it was still pouring outside this whole time. From oranges and bananas, I remembered I had a pineapple brooch that’ll add a quirky sparkle to my gauze knit sweater. Then I tried on my yellow coat that made for a fun mash up of texture and pattern. I stored it in the back of my head for future wear.

Even in the way home, I automatically levitated to this sunny colour in the city, just like the sunshine hidden behind those gloomy clouds overhead. Yellow sure looks brighter on a grey day. You absolutely have to wear bright colours on these short wintery days and feel chirpy all the way!

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