The Shine of True Gems

At this very moment I am standing at a point that isn’t connected to the ground. I am not floating, nor am I in a trance, and no I am not on anything. I have simply risen above, in a higher realm. A new perspective unfolded. I am, shall we say enlightened?

Now, I know most of you are wondering where am I going with this…what on earth am I talking about? The title says, gems, the shine of…..Right. So. Gems. What are they? Why do we love them? They’re nature’s mineralized geological recipe formed under extreme temperatures and pressures. We love them because of their magnificent radiance, attraction of their luster, spectrum of their alluring hues and unique patterns that cannot be made by man. They are crystalline energy encapsulated in a mesmerizing body. They’re just utter beautiful preciousness. 

Does all this sound like someone you know? I’ll tell you, as a devotee of gems  and a Jewellery designer I can say for sure that the qualities of a gem are uncannily like those of a woman. It isn’t just symbolic, it’s as scientific as it gets. You’ve heard the phrase “she’s a diamond in the rough” Let’s just say I was in a luxe Jewellery boutique these past few days. An epiphanic experience I am now translating in words.

Aptly named the Shine Event or according to me Tiffany’s, was a coming together of gemlike women that traforned their rough existence into a polished radiance. This summit of women entrepreneurs to me was like incorporating the finest gems and crafting them into a stunning jewel of knowledge. I admire gemstones as a designer because I see their unique beauty and can bind it’s individual character into something just as pretty as itself if not more. It’s a euphoric process to craft a piece of Jewellery that exudes extra ordinary aura and to be in a room full of women sparkles, was no different to me. 

 As I soaked in the energy and exuberance of the women – speakers and attendees alike, I saw them through my creative eyes – she’s got the magic of an amethyst, in her I see the raindow of an Opal, she’s deep like a blue sapphire and she’s like the liquid transparence of a tsavorite. These are all gems that aren’t often seen in Jewellery, because either they’re expensive or rare and that’s what reflected in this group. Rare, hard to come by, one in hundreds of thousands. Yet we’re all made of the same chemistry, the same fire, the same stories. It takes a precious one to know another and that’s what stood out. Gems studded together shine brighter and look even more exquisite. 

Each inspirational speaker struck me an individual precious gem as I saw her through my Jeweller eyes.  

Kate Muker -The Tsavorite


 In Kate Muker I sense the vibrance of a Tsavorite. The light green hue evokes her bright femininity and the transparence of luster embodies her clarity and heart centeredness. Her passionate purpose of ‘Conscious Diva’ resonates much like the qualities of this gem that signifies empowerment, abundance, renewal, prosperity and all things nurturing from Mother Earth. It is also associated with encouragement, gratitude and service to others. She embodies and owns every bit this and inspired gratitude in all of us.

Linda Edgecombe – The Kunzite


To me Linda Edgecombe is the joy of a Kunzite. The vivacious nature of its’s florescent lilac hue blends with her clever wit and vibrant charm. Interestingly it signifies pure youthful energy. It also encourages the heart to open up and liberate itself to experience. This equates with her spirit of adventure – the Spainish pilgrimage to Camino De Santiago, an uproarious solo trrip that taught us that unexpectedness can be dealt more efficiently with laughter. It is spot on with her quote ” when was the last time you did something for the first time” Freedom and dare is what Inspired me about her. She just did it. And with a lot of humor.  

Karen Hutton – The Aquamarine 


In Karen Hutton I see the calm of a light filled blue expanse. Her multiverse career reflects the myriad clear facets of an unmistakably lucid aquamarine. Incidently this gemstone is associated with the exhilaration and relaxation of the sea. It inspires truth, cleansing and letting go. This resonates beautifully with her placid vocals that taught us how to get legs in our voice. Her diverse talent from photography to voiceover artistry instilled in us how to blend harmony and clarity from the ground up into the whole “body awareness” as she puts it.  

TeeJ Mercer – The Ruby 


TeeJ Mercer a dynamic diva explosively connected with us. Her bold  fire, passion and a virtue of protectiveness seamlessly blends with a Ruby’s qualities. With comic punctuation, every time she’d say “brace yourself” I’d hear a Bruce Lee sound effect of waackkkaaaowww in my head! Because here’s the thing she isn’t called a Maverick for being delicate or genteel. She’ll give it on target, direct and to the point. This style resonates because reality stares you in the face most times. Her dynamite energy is the embodiment of a Ruby that is said to blaze like the sun with an inextinguishable flame. It is also known to banish foolish thoughts and drive away fears. How true this is of Media Maverick Teej.  

Marisa Murgatroyd – The Citrine


The sharp, alert and spunky energy of Marisa Murgatroyd perked us up! Her pursuit to transform people’s dreams is the exact meaning behind a Citrine- a tangerine colour vibrant variety that signifies manifestation. It is associated with imagination, will power and stirring the soul to action. Her will of turning people into superheroes couldn’t fit better than in the spark of a citrine that is said to awaken creativity and convert wishes to a tangible form. She is this gem, no doubt!    

Reshma Thakkar – The Moonstone 


 Reshma Thakkar exudes benevolent charm. To me the Pearl -esque luster of a moonstone mirrors her personality to a tee. Just as the genuine brilliance of its shine is known only after reflecting light upon it. Thus is so true, of her journey towards inner self through the service to others. Her philanthropic heart resonates perfectly with the qualities of this gem, that is synchronously associated with the serenity of the moon. Said to channel prophecy, path of wisdom gathering anything the soul left behind towards natural rhythms of life, Reshma found her path and through her story we were uplifted to the spiritual and noble cause she stands for.   

Darienne Empire – The Amethyst 


Darienne Empire Ah the enigma and sweltering emotionl vortex that this poignant soul elevated us to, is inexplicable. Taking us with her, to a heightened sense of another dimension – what can only be defined as magic in the form of an Amethyst. The enchanting depth of a deep purple, this gem signifies legendary powers to stimulate and sooth the emotions. Doesn’t it sound just like her? It posses the balance of spiritual fervor with temperance and sobriety. An alluring gem it denotes dignity and we can all agree that this, we felt in every ounce of her lyrical melody.  

Adera Angelicci – The Turquoise 


Adera Angelicci sprung up on stage with fun and crisp coolness. Her infectious enthusiasm is like that of a pure Turquoise, a lively bluish green shade that is unique only to itself. Adera’s out of the box thinking and pride in being different certainly gels with this opaque blue gemstone’s qualities of strength, longevity and success. Her down to earthness allows for comfort just like a soothing turquoise,  so that she can perceptively capture people’s story in motion picture. This is so symbolic with the saying that given with a friendly hand the gemstone brings happiness and good fortune to others.    

Makenna Johnston – The Opal 


Makenna Johnston is fiery fusion of pizzazz, power and poise. Her dramatic and animated drive must have thrusted us off our seats a few inches. The phenomenal iridescent fire of an Opal is befitting of Makenna’s passion and mirrors her motto ‘live life on fire’ Opal’s captivating radiance kindles creativity, enthusiasm and optimism and it does so much express the language of her personality and work alike. Opal signifies intuition and insight, this so well translates to her expertise in helping transitioners grow. That’s bliss to everyone for sure. 

Marisa Hamamoto – The Blue Sapphire 


Marisa Hamamoto  created somber silence with her story of intense determination. Her tancious obsession with dance can only be matched by the depth and intensity of a Sapphire. A royal blue gemstone linked with the regal, sacred and wise ones, it signifies hope and faith. How true, as she overcame the tsunami of obstacles never giving up. “Dance” her body said and religiously she did. This gem symbolizes strength, power as well as kindness and wise judgement. This aptly imitates her triumphal endurance and pay it forward noble cause of enabling others to find their flow. I felt her robust spirit kindle vigor in all of us.  

Whitney Freya – The Carnelian 


Whitney Freya evocative of the waves on a beach, breeze on a summer day, rainfall in a forest. Her natural persona is exactly like the warmth of autumn or flash of a sunset seen in the vibrant translucence of a Carnelian. This vivid orangey red gemstone signifies motivation, leadership and courage, reflected  so much in her playful bohemian energy that showed us the essence of making mark on a canvas. Her technique as an artist is steeped in the virtue of helping others pour their soul energy to create abundance. This zesty gemstone also proclaims to enhance love, passion and desire. She most certainly infused love through all our brush strokes on the mastrepiece ‘Shine Canvas’ 

Mandy Leonardo – The Jade 


Mandy Leonardo bestowed tranquil serenity in the room as she journeyed us into deep meditation. This intuitive power is no different than that of Jade – a mint green, soft luster gemstone revered for spiritual insight, deep healing and wisdom of self realization. The therapeutic effect in her voice guided us much like Jade that helps unlock self knowledge and the process of dream solve. Mandy’s invigorating chant uplifted us to a sacred sanctuary of true self. If she was a gem she would be a soothing Jade and we’d all wear her as a talisman.

Danielle Reed – The Yellow Topaz 


In Danielle Reed I saw the honeyed warmth of a Yellow Topaz. a transparent gemstone that is a symbol of strength, protection, harmony and balance. The golden hued kind, relate to family and home. How precise this is of her story where she scucceeded in bringing balance between her corporate world and home through the ingenius invention of ‘Value Cards’ The organic colour evokes of earth and harvest pleasantly mimicking the nurturing essence of her motherhood whose tools of cultivating values empowerd her own and the Shine Family alike. Integrity and valuing others stays with me through her golden sparkle 

Chantelle Adams – The Emerald 


The marvelous synergy of gems coming together was ignited by the one and only Chantelle Adams an effervescent, free spirited, gifted magical soul who is an Emerald. The forest green transparence of this lush gem echoes youth, regeneration, future, truth, compassion, growth, hope, justice and harmony. You see how each word saturates the character of Chantelle. Known as the Gem of Successful Love, it denotes loving nurture, vitality, inspirational unity and infinite patience. It’s use in clairvoyance  depicts intuitive powers that help to strengthen focus and intent, enhance memory and instill mental clarity. Dedicated to the goddess Venus, it epitomizes the security of love and loyalty. I’m bedazzled – I just knew that she looked like an Emerald to me, but as I read the meaning Chantelle is fascinatingly and exactly fragrant of each of these virtues that left us feeling spellbound and polished beyond words.

You. Me. Her – Diamomds


And we are all diamonds. The sintillation and colour of all gems combined it is said to be the gemstone of light, symbol of perfection, illumination and activation. It is said to enhance vision, stimulate creativity, imagination, ingenuity and opening the mind to new possibilities. Considered the Stone of Invincibility it embodies the qualities of victory, strength fortitude and courage. It is also the symbol of weatlth, abundance, amplifying the goals and intent of a person, even enhancing the vibrations of other crystals. It’s rare beauty further reverberates purity, ethics, loving open nature and faithfulness to others and oneself embracing truth and trust. I am having an AHA moment  knowing that each of us stand for this paragraph. This is a total Heck Yeah! realization!!

In all honesty I had a vague idea to the meanings of each gem. I love colour, luster and form and used that to tune into the frequency of intuition so I could envision her radiance – voilà. I’m glad that my passion for gems and Jewellery transcends and synchronously links to the beauty in women. My thoughts that encompass the Shine experience is that gems, unlike stars do not fall from the heavens, they’re grown right here on earth. Born out of Mother Nature, though their exquisite dazzle is shaped by extreme elements, they shine inside and out through their own inherent brilliance.
This heartfelt post is dedicated to each and every diamond at the Shine Event 2015  and every woman in her solo endeavors, living her passion with purpose. To every female entrepreneur who can make a difference to millions of gems out there. To Us and Them!!!  

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