An Outfit Story 1 – Sporty With Classic

It’s been 3 straight weeks of rain in the city. However, Monday was a glorious spring day.  A cloudless expanse of a perfectly blue sky watching over some blossoming trees. We were headed to the Audi gala, unveiling its SQ5 for a soirée of wine and horderves. My interest in cars is limited to design and colour so I gawked at the flashy bright colours while my husband found a gentlemen to indulge in a convo of automobile mechanics. Dress code was gala-ish

Before we got there, we were running late, primarily due to my indecisiveness of what shoes to wear. But I realized after getting there that, when in doubt, listen only to yourself…the place was bustling with people, music and somewhat fashionable dressers.

I walked in the street, basking in the much awaited balmy weather, my cherry red skirt shimmering in the longer days sunshine. And then, as we escalated  up to the event, the hum of chatter and buzz of music kickstarted the evening.

From getting there to being there! We toast to “balmy days” Blinding sunlight, streaming through the glass of windows, wine glasses and skimming off everyone’s hair. A mix of brown, blonde, none and salt n pepper.

Gleaming metal bodies of curves and lines. Shiny chrome grills and kitted out wheels.

I wore a sporty vibe banded top with a cherry red skirt. This one shoulder top I bought in 2003, when the brand Miss Sixty was made in Italy. The quality and design, many notches higher than now. These black pumps are way too predictable for me and you’ll see that I should have gone with my first choice.

Highlight of the evening was meeting Yared Nigussu a Vancouver based artist who painted the new car portrait onsite, in his stupendous brush strokes of oil on canvas. Funny thing, I had been following him on social media, and missing his exhibitions the past one year. Viola, out of the blue I bump into Yared here, at random. Or was it? What an incredible artist he is.

So I after we came home I put on my kissed all over, quirky, pointed toe pumps and told my husband, see these look way better. I think, he thought they would be too flashy for the somewhat, vanilla beige/ black wardrobe norms of Vancity. But everyone there looked fabulous!!!
                              Finally a picture perfect sky, I’m still swooning over as we’re headed into anther week of uninterrupted rain.

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